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Russian mani - pedi services

For the uninitiated, a Russian manicure is a dry manicure, so no soaking in water is required. The technique consists of very precise cuticle work, often involving a nail drill and other special equipment to clean and remove excess skin around the nail bed. Being much more intricate and painstakingly precise, the Russian manicure takes a lot longer than the versions we're used to. Clients should expect to spend around two hours in the chair.

Experience the luxury of a Russian manicure at Anna Nail! Our specialized technique removes excess skin for a cleaner, sleeker nail surface, ensuring your polish lasts longer.

Treat yourself to a two-hour session and see the superior results.

Visit Anna Nail, where elegance meets durability.

Gel X Set

Gel X Nail Extensions at Anna's Nail Salon At Anna's Nail Salon, we recommend Gel X nail extensions for their protective qualities and minimal impact on natural nails. Our expert technician, Kaddy, advises, “Gel extensions help protect your natural nails, allowing them to grow longer and stronger.” Why Choose Gel X Over Acrylics? Acrylic extensions often involve harsh chemicals and can weaken natural nails due to aggressive removal techniques. Gel X, on the other hand, is quicker to apply and remove, offering a healthier and more efficient alternative. Choose Gel X for a safe and convenient nail enhancement that keeps your nails healthy and beautiful.

Acrylic Nails Set

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Film shadow / No.5 oz

Eye Lashes Extension

Transform your look with customized eyelash extensions tailored to your eye shape! With 10 years of expertise, our senior lash technician guarantees flawless results. Don't miss out on our special promotion!

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